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Looking for relief from the side effects of a successful life? Dr. Cooper practices functional medicine which addresses the five major health concerns of otherwise "healthy" people: fat, fatigue, depression and anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and digestive weakness. While conventional medicine treats and masks symptoms with medication, functional medicine gets to the root cause of your medical condition. We believe that a one-pill-fits-all approach doesn't give enough consideration to each patient's personal needs and unique body chemistry. At Brentwood Vitality Clinic, we listen to your whole story and treat you as an individual. Many issues boil down to inflammation, food sensitivities, gut infections, hormonal imbalances or toxin overload. Once the underlying problem is revealed, Dr. Cooper creates a customized plan to alleviate symptoms using holistic medical techniques alongside diet and lifestyle changes. To uncover the root cause or causes of your symptoms, we offer the following lab tests and health screenings:


Blood Chemistry Analysis
Many health problems can be prevented and managed effectively with early detection. There is no general screening that is more efficient, effective and affordable than a comprehensive blood chemistry panel. Today’s current health care model is disease management, not early detection or prevention. This test provides a comprehensive evaluation that allows for non-invasive interventions to be utilized before disease appears.

Hormone Testing
For men and women, the Salivary Circadian Response Analysis accurately measures daily levels of hormones. This offers insight into thyroid and adrenal function, acne, chronic stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety, sleeping problems and other conditions. For women, this also provides valuable information for PMS, preparation for pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause. With these results, Dr. Cooper can suggest natural alternatives to hormone replacement therapy.

Food Allergy Testing
This blood test screens for delayed food sensitivities. These reactions are not immediate, making them almost impossible to detect without sophisticated testing. The most notable point to make is how much better you will feel once these foods are removed from your system.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
This test analyses mineral status and toxicity levels. Using these results, Dr. Cooper creates detoxification and nutrition programs customized for each patient. 

Spectracell Functional Intracellular Analysis
This test measures levels of selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential micronutrients. Nutrient status is a vital foundation of health, and each micronutrient plays an individual and indispensable role in promoting optimal functioning of our cells.

Nutrition Counseling
Once test results are analyzed, Dr. Cooper provides individualized nutritional counseling to assure that you are receiving the most appropriate nutrients for your body.