Dr. Cooper has provided chiropractic care to professional athletes, movie stars, rock gods, office workers, truck drivers, mums, dads and children. Most people become acquainted with chiropractic medicine when they have some sort of injury or an acute, painful episode. Indeed, chiropractic adjustments are extremely beneficial and safe in these circumstances. But chiropractic medicine has an equally, if not more important, role in preventing injury and keeping the body healthy, happy and strong. Regular chiropractic adjustments include physical manipulation to ensure a flexible, highly functioning spine along with postural retraining, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue work.

Your fabulous spine is truly the backbone of your health and performs two critical jobs. First, it provides the support, flexibility and range of motion your body needs to function. Second, it protects and encases your brain and spinal cord. The small spaces between each vertebrae allow for the safe passage of nerves that send millions of messages to and from the brain, to every organ, and to the millions of cells in our bodies. The disks and vertebrae of a healthy spine are free of bone spurs and calcification so that each nerve passes through freely, painlessly and without interruption.

Given its enormous importance, you’d think we’d treat our spine with a little more respect and reverence. But alas, we lead highly stressed lives, ignore our posture, spend hours slouched in front of the computer or television, and spend more time driving than we do exercising. Over time, this takes its degenerative toll on the spine. Aches and pains become a daily reality, leaving us looking and feeling older than we actually are.

A long and vigorous life requires a spine that is flexible and aligned. Regular maintenance is a must. Dr. Cooper's highly effective chiropractic treatments are here to help you get healthy - and stay healthy - in the most natural and non-invasive way possible.